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Altronic is the world’s leading manufacturer of ignition systems for gas engines and sets the industry standard for quality and performance. Altronic is also a leading manufacturer of engine and compressor control components and systems, designed to improve performance and enhance reliability.

MSI is Altronic’s Factory Direct Channel Partner and provides decades of experience to operators who seek to improve the reliability of their gas engines and compressors through ignition and controls upgrade programs.

Official website of Altronic


GE Waukesha is a globally leading manufacturer of gas engines. The Waukesha brand is recognized for it’s reliability, ruggedness and capability to handle widely varying fuel qualities. Waukesha is more often than not the brand of choice in oilfield applications.

MSI is the official Waukesha distributor for the territory of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and provides new units, spare parts, specialist advice, and workshop and field services with a highly certified crew of technicians and supervisors.

Waukesha Website


Ariel Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors. Ariel sets the standard through industry-leading R & D, expert design & manufacturing and unmatched customer support.

MSI is an official Ariel distributor and focusses on serving the Central Asia. MSI provides spare parts, valve repair services, specialist advice, and extensive field service support to users of Ariel compressors.

Ariel Website


FW Murphy is a market-leading manufacturer with a vast line of products to monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators and more. FW Murphy’s rugged and cost-effective displays and end devices are often the product of choice for monitoring pressures, temperatures, liquid levels, overspeed, time and vibration.

MSI is the FW Murphy distributor for Oil and Gas applications in Central Asia. MSI sells FW Murphy solutions and provides a vast amount of expertise in gas engine and compressor controls.

Murphy Website


Jonell is a leading US manufacturer of liquid and gas filtration elements, focussed exclusively on the Oil and Gas industry.

MSI is the official distributor of Jonell in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. MSI helps operators improve their filtration process and reduce maintenance costs through retrofit programs to Jonell filter elements. MSI is backed up by decades of specialized knowledge from Jonell and can deliver results that drastically improve an operator's situation, both technically and “value for money” wise.

Jonell Website


EML is an excellent provider of specialized fuel gas treatment skids, electric heating solutions and associated pressure vessels, controls and instrumentation which are required in oil and gas processing.

MSI is EML’s official distributor for Kazakhstan and Central Asia. With the back-up of EML manufacturing, MSI can help operators specify their requirements, design the best skids for the application and deliver high quality products, certified, at cost-effective pricing.



IMBU is a highly innovative asset monitoring system that brings equipment performance indicators to your fingertips and allows you to quickly identify or anticipate operational issues.

IMBU’s iPad-based user interface is designed to immediately convey relevant information (in English, Russian, Kazakh, Chinese and more), ensuring that users are effortlessly familiar with macro trends of a fleet of assets, as well as rapidly informed of specific issues impacting individual pieces of equipment.

MSI is IMBUs exclusive distributor for Kazakhstan and can help operators implement the IMBU program for surprisingly low budgets.